To do list | Day 16


I like the idea of being organised and keeping to it. Disappointingly, I’m so not organised. I’m learning how. My ‘friend’ is so organised and planned she plans out when she cleans her teeth. Like, that’s in her to-do-list. It’s really not that serious.

I still can’t decide when to put up my to-do-list. Saturday or Sunday? Technically, a new week starts on Sunday; I think it will be right I get my to-do-list sorted on Saturday so that I’m all ready for the new week.

This is my to-do-list for next week and review of this week.

###Review of this week
*What went well?* I got a start on the twitter api. Messed about with a bit of code. Figured out I need to upload my code to a server to test (I’m not entirely sure about this. Help!!). Made some changes to the design of an online store I’m working in.

*What went wrong?* Didn’t have a blog post for day 14. My brain was overheating.

*How to improve?* Have a contingency plan for day 14 days. Research on the twitter api.

###Update for next week

– Download twitter bootstrap

– Write a review on a product

– Write a 5-step tutorial

– Get a start on Ludo for android

– Update websites

– Live! (I forget to do this a lot)

That’s a rough update on my to-do-list.
Hope everyone’s had a great weekend so far?

D. B

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