Tech tips | OneTab | Day 17

Hello there,

I’m still getting a hang on blogging and planning and life in general, so bear with me if things aren’t structured or well thought out.

Goodnews? Sundays, will be for tech tips! I’m so generous, I love to share (* insert joke *) . I like doing things the easy way also. If I come up with a tip, I’ll share it on here every Sunday.

**OneTab!** I love OneTab. If you know me, you would know what a mess my laptop is with the number of tabs I have open. Sometimes, I have upto **20** tabs open. My friends think it’s a problem. Maybe it is. But for now, OneTab is my saviour.
Just as the name implies, you can have all your tabs in one tab. With a simple click on the OneTab icon, you can convert all your tabs into a list. Goodbye to cluttering!

###Perks of OneTab

– Did I tell you, you save 95% of memory having your tabs in a list.

– It’s absolutely free! Software Developers are far too kind.

– Available on chrome and firefox

###Who can use OneTab?
**Anyone!** If you are researching on a project, extremely useful. If you want to save your tabs for future use, still useful. You can access your listed tabs individually or all at once.

###How to install?
Just click [here]( or visit their [website](


I hope you enjoy using OneTab!

Have a fab week.

D . B

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