Samsung Galaxy S5 Update | Day 20

Honestly can’t believe it’s been almost a year I had an early upgrade to the S5. My phone has pretty much served me to the best of its abilities. For which I’m glad. Except for the occasional cases when I drop it and have a little panic attack.

For over a month, I have been getting the annoying notification to update my phone’s software. Which means deleting about 1gb of pictures! Fortunately or unfortunately I was going through **”something”** and I decided it was a sign to let those pictures go. After much attempts at deleting months of memories, I decided to put them up in *”the cloud”*. The cloud is a much safer place. It will also save me the urge to have one more look(Ok, maybe I did have that one more look. Don’t judge me).

With pictures out of the way, I finally did the update. I actually really like **most** of the features of the S5 but, the annoying led light notification?? I swear it’s doing my head in. Each time I look at my phone, I think I have message; I don’t. It’s been 2 days since the update and I have tried turning it off. Still haven’t gotten round to it.

I like the updated whatsapp. Colors make me blush. All that greeeeen. Green isn’t even my favourite color. But it sure looks pretty on whatsapp.

I also like my S health. My favourite app on my phone after “gallery”(I’m the queen of selfies. No shame). I like how they’ve added programmes like the 10k run. I actually feel like I can sign up for a run now.

I still enjoy tracking my steps with S health. My motto is “1 more step to a healthier me”. So far my max steps for the day is 23,203.

I’m still getting used to my updated S5 : )

D. B

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