Composer | Day 13

Composer is the future of PHP dependency management. If you don’t know, now you know! I installed composer on one of my projects few weeks ago. I decided to give a tutorial on why you should get on board. If you’re convinced you need Composer in your life, I’ll tell you how in another post.

####What’s Composer?
Composer is not an artist/ musician type of composer. It’s a dependency manager for PHP (yep, I’m back with PHP). What are the benefits of having a dependency manager? Well, for a start it **autoloads all your classes**. Goodbye to loads of “require” statements. Which I think is amazing. Additionally,

– It manages dependencies (duh!). For example, when you install an API, composer saves you the stress of installing the dependencies for the API. It does it all. Life saver!

– It manages all your packages and keeps them up to date.

All you need do is tell composer the dependent libraries your project needs and it does all the installation for you.

Are you using composer already? How are you getting on?

D. B

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